Airport safeguarding

Reviewed date January 2020


The term airport in this document refers also to aerodromes and airfields and any other sites used by aircraft.

A series of safeguarding advice notes have been issued by the Airport Operators Association. These are issued to ensure the safety of aircraft and their occupants when in the vicinity of an airport by controlling potentially hazardous development and activity around it.

The main airports in Oxfordshire are located at Kidlington, Brize Norton and Benson. There are however a number of smaller airports located around the county.

There are five safeguarding advice notes available at They are:

  • Advice note 1: An overview
  • Advice note 2: Lighting
  • Advice note 3: Wildlife Hazards
  • Advice note 4: Cranes
  • Advice note 5: Renewable Energy

Service providers are to consider these documents when carrying out construction work in the vicinity of an airport and must liaise and comply with AOA as required by the policies and procedures set down in the advice notes.