Cold weather heating performance

Reviewed January 2020


Cold weather heating performance monitoring must be undertaken on all capital projects which include new buildings or extensions with a net value over £100,000. The monitoring should be carried out at the first reasonable opportunity the weather allows for a representative performance test of the heating system and controls (ie. when the outside temperature is close to design temperature for a minimum period of twenty four hours).

Continuous monitoring at maximum one hourly intervals is to be carried out over a minimum period of seven days and should at least include:

  1. Representative outside air temperatures;All work involving new or modified heating systems
  2. Representative room air temperatures;
  3. Boiler flow and return temperatures and where applicable system flow temperatures;
  4. A chart of the results together with analysis and a brief report on the performance of the heating system

For other than "wet" systems a similar monitoring strategy should be adopted to allow the effectiveness of the heating system and controls to be analysed.

Where heating control is provided by a Building Energy Management System (or similar) with logging facilities that cover a) to c) above, a printed temperature record from this system can be used as the basis for the analysis and report.

All work involving new or modified heating systems


Any additional work or adjustments necessary to achieve the specified heating performance must be carried out at no cost to the council.