Completion reviews

Issue date February 2017


The aim of completion review's is to objectively assess the performance (both practical and environmental), value for money and user satisfaction of capital and other major building projects with a floor area greater than 250 sq m.

The review will be arranged by the Oxfordshire County Council Corporate Landlord (OCCCL) and must be carried out on or as soon as possible following handover (not more than four weeks) and involve the following personnel:
• Head of establishment and/or representatives
• Client directorate
• Service Provider
• Principal contractor

The purpose of the completion review is to learn lessons for future projects avoiding mistakes that have been made but also embracing what has worked well. It is not a “blame game” but part of a continual improvement process.

The review is mainly to consider the process followed in delivering the project. Technical and procedural issues will have been addressed between OCCCL and the service provider (SP) through the Gateway Review process but establishment representatives are welcome to raise issues of this nature.

The review should consider the following issues arising through the procurement and construction stages of the project:

  1. Project Brief
  • Consider whether the brief reflected the actual requirements of whether scope drifted and caused lack of clarity
  1. Commissioning
  • Were there delays in issuing the commission
  1. Project appraisal
  • Was the programme affected by any delays caused by being unable to obtain approval in time?
  1. Project Specification
  • Were there any issues which affected construction or specs which in light of experience would not be repeated – or equally were great?
  1. Design Issues
  • Were there any issues which effected construction or specs which in light of experience would not be repeated – or equally were great?
  1. DQI
  • Has the SP reviewed the Design Quality Indicators (DQI) during design and construction – has it helped deliver a good scheme?
  1. Whole Life Appraisal
  • Have any lessons been learnt which are believed to present Whole Life value and could be repeated?
  1. Funding
  • Has funding met the anticipated total project costs; was it a barrier to delivering an appropriate solution?
  1. Timescales
  • What issues arose to effect programme which might be repeated or avoided in future?
  1. Space Provision
  • Are the spaces as expected – do they feel that they work?
  1. Planning Application
  • Were any particular problems encountered – conditions precedent upon start on site or occupation?


  1. Sustainability
  • Were features included – are they working and make sense?
  1. Special needs (educational etc)
  • Any comment re disabled access, etc
  1. Acoustic performance
  • What is the feel regarding reverberation and sound separation; were tests carried out?
  1. Materials
  • Are there any particularly good materials being used or some to be avoided?
  1. Compensation events/change notes
  • Did this process cause problems – if so how could it have been improved?
  1. Performance:
  1. Contractor
  2. Service Provider
  3. OCCCL
  4. Other stakeholders


  • Did they do what was needed or more than that?
  1. Safety and CDM
  • Are there any construction issues which generated risk which could be avoided in future or issues regarding future maintenance – has the health and safety file been issued on time?
  1. Client Satisfaction
  • What’s the initial view and why?
  1. On site Training
  • Did it happen? Was it understood?
  1. CAD as-built drawings’
  • Have they been issued to OCC?
  1. Building Logbook
  • Has a simple user guide been issued over and above the Health and Safety File?
  1. Review of feedback sheets
  • Were feedback sheets issued? – If there was a need to issue any

A review of the design will be carried out after twelve months at a Post Occupancy Evaluation when occupants will have had time to “live” in the property and see how it works in practice. Property representatives are welcome however to give initial views with regard to design at the completion review meeting if they wish to.

The completion and handover process will have been recorded by the SP using the Project checklist

A representative from the property will have been asked to sign the form to verify that the procedures listed have been carried out satisfactorily. A review of this form will be carried out as part of the completion review.

The SP will have issued a Defects Record sheet to the Head of Establishment prior to this meeting as part of the handover process. The property representative is welcome to raise defects issues for discussion at the end of the review meeting.

At the end of the review meeting, all parties will be asked to score those who have taken part in this project.

All parties should feel able to speak openly about the issues that they would not wish or expect to be repeated in future projects but also those that could be a benefit in future schemes.

Minutes of the meeting will be taken and circulated to all parties involved with the project. The best practice and any other documents in the manual are to be updated as a result of lessons learnt.

• Questionnaire: quality of service (.pdf format, 17 Kb)