Disposal of Property

A1/047 - Issue date - Under review
  • Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Disposal Programme is built around a three year cycle.
  • For the forthcoming financial year a provisional disposal programme will be identified and agreed with the consultant by 31 December with final agreement in the first week of April. This programme will be signed off by SAM Team Leader and the consultant Disposal Team Leader.
  • The programme will be reviewed on a monthly basis during the first or second week of the month in order that changes are identified prior to the report to SMG which is on the third Thursday of every month.
  • The consultant will prepare and circulate a report for submission to SMG a week before the meeting and this will show original annual targets, additions to the programme and any slippage. Legal Services and Finance are to be sent a copy of the report for information. A summary of this report could be used for the Capital Working Group (CWG).
    The "original agreed programme target" column shown on the summary sheet will remain unaltered throughout the year. Nothing should be deleted/ removed from the "original programme target" for whatever reason.
  • It is accepted that during any year properties may be added to or removed from the disposal programme completely, or slipped to another financial year, such a change would occur through change control agreed by the SAM team leader and if that happens this should be reflected in the "amended programme target" column of the summary sheet. The "amended programme target" should also take account of variations to estimated or actual capital receipts.
  • The role of the project manager is to manage the disposal of surplus properties but not to lead on consideration of whether they should become surplus which is the specific remit of the SAM Team.
  • The consultant is to utilise the Disposals checklist - D4/9.
  • Off market sales are acceptable in principle but specific approval is needed if above £25,000 in value. There needs to be clear justification i.e. additional affordable housing and a clear programme must be established for the sale and the programme adhered to.
  • If directorates have requirements these need to be justified and approved by CSG and a clear brief provided with deadlines for compliance.