Disposal - Surplus property identification

A001 - Issue date - Under review

The county council's property portfolio consists of approximately 850 main properties. Of these, approximately 70 per cent are freehold. The total asset value is approximately £1 billion.

The total assessed maintenance need (2003-2004) is approximately £76 million.

It is therefore essential that any property held by the council is necessary and appropriate for the provision of its services and the achievement of the county council's objectives.

The council's assets are regularly reviewed to ensure that all property is fully and effectively used and that any property not required is released.

Property and Facilities in Environment & Economy is primarily responsible for achieving this objective and for the acquisition and disposal of property.

Further details

Further details can be obtained from:

Strategic Asset Management Team
Property and Facilities
Environment & Economy

Tel: 01865 810427
Email: mailto:sam.team@oxfordshire.gov.uk