Energy and water provision

Reviewed January 2020



The following considerations regarding energy provision on capital projects must be made at sketch scheme stage:

  1. What energy sources are available or could be made available.
  2. The choice of energy for heating must not be based on capital cost alone but must also take into account whole life and environmental considerations.
  3. Consult the service providers energy section to determine the energy supplier, terms of contract and/ or the appropriate tariff for the premises and to agree the process and responsibilities for arranging installations and making 'live' these supplies.

The above will apply to the provision of electricity, gas, water, oil and LPG.


Where it is reasonably practicable to do so and the amount of energy use justifies check meters are to be installed on all services for:

  1. large self contained extensions.
  2. areas of a building to be used other than by the main occupier (eg school kitchens).

See also the sub-metering requirements and targets in Building environmental standards (B1/002).