Feasibility studies

Reviewed January 2020


The creation of a feasibility study at the start of a project is the most critical stage. Decisions here can have a dramatic affect upon cost, time and quality so adequate resources do need to be focused upon this stage of delivery.

The first meeting should be to talk through the brief with service provider (SP) and all stakeholders to ensure that the document adequately describes the requirements and constraints. There should also be discussion upon how best to involve end users in the design process (planning for real exercise, student forum etc).

At the end of this initial meeting a review of the design quality indicators for the project should take place which will result in further clarification of requirements and constraints.

The most effective way of driving this forward is to then agree a programme of meetings ideally at two week intervals.

The feasibility study should be broken down into key stages. The Project checklist lists these requirements and must be worked through systematically ensuring that it is completed as work proceeds. The checklist must be completed and signed off at the completion of stages 1 and 2 before the project proceeds further.