Feedback sheets

Issue date December 2016


Feedback sheets are intended to:

  • promote good working practices, compliance and achievements.
  • provide a rapid response to failures or potential problems and to avoid mistakes being repeated.

Feedback sheets will give architects, surveyors, engineers, project managers, contract administrators etc. an early warning on issues relating to:

  1. work methods or materials that have been selected but are not considered to be in accordance with best working practice.
  2. specific client directorate requirements.
  3. standards that are considered to be over and above best working practice but from experience are considered to be the best option for county council work.
  4. work methods, systems, equipment, materials etc that have failed on previous council projects and should no longer be used.

Subject to content or comment the resulting information from the feedback process will be included as a reference note in the manual.

Any issues raised that are based on failure to comply with best working practice will not be included in the manual but it will be expected that such failures will not be repeated on future projects.

Feedback sheets can be used at any time and client directorates or service providers who have requirements or suggestions that could be issued as a feedback sheet can obtain Feedback sheet from Property & Facilities.

Feedback sheets will be issued by Property & Facilities.

Service Providers must ensure that the information contained in any feedback sheets issued are circulated to all relevant personnel and that the instructions are complied with until a new note can be included in the manual.

It is also important that service providers have positive feedback systems of their own.