Fire safety Policy and Logbook

Issue date January 2017


All establishments have been issued with a fire safety policy document and fire safety logbook.

The service provider is to ensure that:

  1. A new fire safety folder is issued for all new establishments and that details of the fire precaution systems are recorded (format to be agreed with Oxfordshire County Council Corporate Landlord (OCCCL)).
  2. Details of any additions or alterations to fire precaution systems in existing establishments are recorded in the fire safety logbook.
  3. Service contractors enter details of the maintenance of all fire precaution systems in the fire safety logbook
  4. Where a building is covered by an Entertainments License, the necessary approvals are sought from the relevant authorities regarding any additions or alterations to the fire precaution systems.

The fire precaution systems will include smoke/heat detectors, fire alarms, emergency lighting, extinguishers, hose reels, means of escape, fire doors etc. and where possible a plan showing details of the new or amended fire precautions should be added to the fire safety folder.

See Fire protection equipment for details of fire fighting equipment.

Policy and Procedures
Detailed policy and procedures for the management of Fire Safety including risk assessment can be found in the Council Fire Safety Policy and Premises Logbook.

The Fire Safety Policy and Fire Safety Logbook can be found in the Documents section of the Providers Manual.