Handover to completion planning

Reviewed Janaury 2020


When the sketch scheme proposals are being finalised and target dates are being set, in order to help establishments, the service provider project manager, in discussion with the end users and OCC Corporate Landlord, needs to make allowance in the programme for an adequate period between handover and occupation.

 When agreeing contractors programmes ensure that adequate time is allowed for the final clean, snagging items and incomplete work to be completed. At the pre-contract meeting and during construction  ensure that the contractor is made aware of what needs to be done for the building to be acceptable for handover. Check a few days before handover and in consultation with the client directorate and the establishment delay the handover if the contractor has not reached a satisfactory standard.

A variety of factors ranging from fitting hand dryers, ICT equipment, telephones, refrigerators, washing machines, and installing loose furniture to the installation of heavy workshop equipment, kilns, and computers will influence the time required.

With regard to schools, if after making allowance for this period the resulting handover dates fall at the beginning of holiday periods, the establishment may prefer to bring the handover date forward to allow staff to establish themselves during term time. At this stage the opportunity should be taken to carefully record not only who is ordering the work but particularly when the work is included in the contract, who is funding the work and any associated fees. If the user is funding additional work ensure that the School contribution to capital schemes form is completed to allow costs to be recovered.