Issue date December 2016



All proposals for new and refurbished kitchens must be discussed and agreed with:

Gail Witchell FM, Technical Officer, Oxfordshire County Council, Property & Facilities, Cuffas Lea House, 3500 John Smith Drive, Oxford OX4 2WD

Tel: 01865 780332 ; Mobile 07920 084157

E Mail:


On refurbishment projects a survey of the existing drainage system should be considered to determine whether any cleaning is necessary or whether adaptations are required to cope with the increased discharge from any new equipment.

New and refurbished kitchens must comply with the requirements of BS 6173: 2001 - Specification for installation of gas-fired catering appliances for use in all types of catering establishments.


Check storage requirements when building is occupied by more than one user. Storage cupboards must not be used to house M&E plant or equipment unless agreed with the OCC Project Leader.

Extract fans

Ensure that extract fans are not sited in a position where the noise will cause a disturbance to adjacent occupied rooms.