Planning and estate management reporting procedures

A3/001 - Issue date: Under review
  1. The consultant will report recommendations of terms for disposals, acquisitions, leases and licences on a report form marked for the attention of the Head of Property (using forms Sales / Purchases - D4/7 and Leases and agreements - D4/8). The consultant will sign the report which will be counter-signed by the relevant person in Property and Facilities if acceptable (eg. the transaction is at market value, conforms with the council's Constitution and relevant statutory requirements) and then forwarded to the council's legal section with copies to other appropriate client directorate officers. The consultant must allocate a unique sequential reference number for each report. When the plans have already been agreed or where they are straightforward, eight copies will be attached to the report. Where the format of the plans has not been agreed the consultant will send two plans so that the legal section can specify any colouring of plans or notes that are considered necessary. Further copies of the plans will be provided by the consultant on request from the legal section, when they have agreed the format.
  2. The consultant must not seek any changes to or amend the terms which have been reported without instruction. Any major variations must be approved by the relevant person in Property and Facilities.
  3. The consultant will also mark the report for the attention of other officers and directorates as appropriate. All reports should be marked for the attention of the finance officer in Resources.
  4. The consultant will include in the report the necessary budget code (SAP) where provided in the commission.
  5. The consultant will send a covering letter to the Oxfordshire County Council project leader, giving such explanation of the terms recommended. For further explanation on covering letter for disposals see note Requirements for reporting sales (A011).
  6. The consultant will be responsible for checking and amending the legal documentation for any property transaction undertaken by the council as required by and in liaison with the Solicitor to the Council.

See note Planning and estate management (A2/001) for further requirements on valuation issues.

Forms and checklists

The following forms and checklists should be used in conjunction with these procedures but are not necessarily prescriptive:

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