Records management

Issue date March 2017



The service provider (SP) is required to adopt the procedures set out in this document.

Recently closed files

  1. Once the project is completed, the SP will close the files and attach an Oxfordshire County Council Certificate of Retention, shown on Annex 1, giving the file reference number, title and covering dates, together with the appropriate class and the consultant’s box number. Classes and retention periods are shown on Annex 2.
  2. The SP must also complete a Document Transfer Sheet, shown on Annex 3 which must be sent to
  3. The SP to contact Kayleigh Brackett who will arrange for archive boxes from Ardington Archives to be delivered. Ardington Archives will deliver archive boxes along with a New Box Deposit Schedule which must be completed before the boxes are collected.
  4. When the boxes are ready to be collected the SP to contact Kayleigh Brackett who will arrange a collection date and time with Ardington Archives.
  5. The Document Transfer Sheet and a copy of the New Box Deposit Schedule must be sent to
  6. The Information and Support Team will maintain a record of archived files on a database.

Retrieving closed files from the county council archive stores

  1. Retrieving closed files from Oxfordshire County Council archive store is dealt with by Kayleigh Brackett. The SP should send an email request giving as much information as possible to enable the file(s) to be located easily
  2. Closed files are stored in County Hall Oxford, Nuffield Way File Storage Unit in Abingdon and Ardington Archives in Stanford in the Vale.
  3. Kayleigh Brackett will establish where the file(s) requested are stored and notify the SP when the file is ready for collection.
  4. If the file(s) are stored in Oxford these can be collected from Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, Oxford OX1 1NE; if the file(s) are stored in Abingdon these can be collected from Nuffield Way File Storage Unit at Nuffield Centrum, 33 Nuffield Way, Abingdon OX14 1RL; if the file(s) are stored in Ardington Archives Kayleigh Brackett will arrange for the box(es) to be delivered to the SP.

Returning closed files to the county council archive store in Oxford or Nuffield Way Abingdon

Notify Kayleigh Brackett that the file(s) can be returned to the archive store. If the file(s) were collected from Nuffield Way Storage Unit these can be returned direct to the Unit. If the files were collected from Speedwell House these files must be returned to Speedwell House by courier.

Retrieving Atkins files from the Ardington Archive Store

Contact Kayleigh Brackett who will arrange for the boxes to be collected and returned to Ardington Archive.