Relocatable modular buildings

Issue date April 2017



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General requirements

Relocatable buildings are to comply with the requirements of the Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999 and the current Building Regulations. See manual note Building regulations.

Where new buildings on a site will mean the eventual removal of these buildings it must be determined whether the buildings are to be relocated or demolished. If the buildings are to be demolished the cost of the demolition must be included within the capital cost of the new building project.

Where the building is to be used during the hours of darkness the provision of emergency lighting must be considered in relation to any external lighting provided.

A suitable security skirt fitted with lockable access panel, is to be provided to all new and relocated temporary buildings.

The condition of all temporary buildings must be included in the Condition Survey Database.

Installation / relocation / demolition

There must be adequate planning and consultation as to how and when this type of building is to be installed, relocated or demolished, to ensure the health and safety of all persons using the site. Wherever possible such work should take place during unoccupied periods.

In the past serious damage has been caused to site surfaces during the movement of relocatable buildings. It is important to consider this at the planning stage to determine the actions necessary to prevent damage or to include for the damage to be repaired if prevention is not realistically possible. Photographic records will help to establish the condition of the site prior to commencement of work.