Security at OCC sites

Revised January 2020


All staff must wear an Oxfordshire County Council branded lanyard. This will help us more easily identify any unauthorised visitors.

 Lanyards are available from 24 July 2017 at the following locations:

  • County Hall
  • Speedwell House
  • Mount House
  • Samuelson House
  • Knights Court
  • Abbey House
  • Kidlington Fire and Rescue HQ

The lanyard must be worn at all times with your Oxfordshire County Council ID badge when in a council building.

The visitor stickers are being replaced with badges which will have a plain lanyard of the same colour without the logo. For those reception areas that require a supply of visitors badges for non-OCC staff visiting your site email

 A reminder that you all must:

  • Have a photo uploaded on the intranet along with up to date contact details.
  • Carry your ID and wear it visibly at our sites and challenge people in our secure areas without ID. Read the ID Badge policy.
  • Make sure nobody tailgates you.
  • Check your personal details are accurate on IBC in case of emergencies.

 OCC sites will:

  • Challenge for ID and ask people to sign in and out.
  • Check on contractors and non-council personnel in our buildings.
  • Have our lockdown plans on standby for any incident affecting our sites.

 It will not be considered rude to challenge someone who is in our building without ID. What would be rude is for someone to take offence for being challenged.