Stairs, balconies, etc.

Issue date January 2020


Protection of stairs, balconies etc.

The current requirement in the Building Regulations 2010 - Approved Document K (2013 edition) clause 1.39 is as follows:

In a building that may be used by children under five years of age construct the guarding to a flight of stairs to do both of the following:

a. Prevent children being held fast by the guarding. Ensure that a 100mm sphere cannot pass through any openings in the guarding

b. Prevent children from readily being able to climb the guarding.

On all new projects the protection of all stairs, balconies, etc,. should be on the basis that they are likely to be used by children under five. On refurbishment projects where existing stairs, balconies, etc, do not comply with the above requirements for use by children under five, discussions must take place with Oxfordshire County Council Corporate Landlord regarding the future use of the building and of any improvements that may be necessary.