Water service hygiene legionellosis and scalding

Issue date April 2017


The policy, strategy and management procedures of Oxfordshire County Council is are set down in the document Water Services Hygiene, Legionellosis and Scalding Policy Strategy and Management Procedures document.

The aim of the council is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work with regard to water hygiene and scalding for all staff, pupils, residents and visitors, and to provide such resources, information, training and supervision as is needed for this purpose. The county council aims to do all that is reasonably practicable to manage the risk and to follow the steps laid out in these procedures. This aim is achieved on the basis of balancing the risk, cost and difficulty.

All schools have been issued with a Water Services Hygiene, Legionellosis and Scalding Logbook. All other premises are maintained by the OCC property Single Service Provider (SSP) who maintain their own logbooks.

A copy of the Water Service Hygiene Legionellosis and Scalding Policy and Procedures V19.pdf and School Water Hygiene Legionellosis and Scalding Schools Logbook V19.pdf can be found in the documents section of this manual and the A-Z section of Oxfordshire County Council Health & Safety intranet site.